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Mega Social Enterprises is based in Gainesville, Florida and was established in 2017.  As a non-profit social enterprise, we provide vocational rehabilitation resources and services to youth and adults throughout the state of Florida. Our vocational rehabilitation services are aimed at improving the skills, employability, self-sufficiency, and quality of lives of the individuals we serve.

In addition, we create economic opportunities, raise capital, and offer services and programs throughout the state of Florida to address social programs, improve self-sufficiency, enhance communities, and protect the environment. 




Build Careers. Build Dreams. Build Lives.


To make a big impact and big change by preparing youth and adults for the workforce to meet their goals and dreams for today, tomorrow, and their entire life.


Motivate. Educate. Grow. Advance = "MEGA Effect"

M - Motivate youth and adults with a positive and person-centered approach to reach their goals and dreams.

E - Educate youth and adults at their level and preferred learning style with best-fit resources and latest information.

G - Grow each youth's and adult's chances by providing wraparound services and using a holistic approach together      with our network of partners.

A - Advance each youth's and adult's life and career opportunities to essentially improve their overall quality of life through partnerships with employers and their local community.

"No One Left Behind."
Educate to Elevate

We also purposely create employment opportunities to elevate the lives of others socially, culturally, and environmentally. Through adult vocational and transition youth programs (TYP), we endeavor to improve the lives of:


•    Middle, High School, and College Students
•    Adults & Families
•    Persons With Disabilities
•    At-Risk Youth
•    Veterans
•    Senior Citizens
•    Children in Foster Care
•    People with Mental Health Illness
•    People with a Criminal History
•    People who are Homeless

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