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“We are proud to have over 45 years of Combined Experience & Dedication in
Vocational Services, Education, and Social Services.”-CEO


Lydia Bogans, MS

Carlos Cole, MBA

Hendrietta Cummings, CNA

Theodotes Denson, BS

Melissa Huff, BA

Jacquita Jenkins, BS

Michelle Neverson, BS

Rachel Patton BS, CBIS

Travis Scott, MS

Victor Smith, BS

Cyntoria Thomas, MS 

Joyce Welch, CNA


Faith-Based Organizations

Licensed Clinical Social Workers

Professional Certified Educators


Community Partners

Instructor Aides





“I’m so overjoyed to see that our mission and vision has come together because it really highlights what I feel that I’m purposed to do. I've always worked with this population since being a teen myself from weekly teen groups, summits, retreats, and conferences for over the last 23 years. 

“After graduating with my Bachelors in Mathematics and Minor in Business Administration from the University of Florida, I was compelled to teach middle and high school math, reading, and computer technology for 7 years to prepare students for their future. During my time of teaching, my heart was pulled to make more of a difference with the youth. Hence, I earned my Master’s to be a Marriage and Family Therapist from Nova South Eastern University and went on to serve as a counselor over 4 years to children, teens, and families overcoming trauma & everyday life barriers from vocational to basic needs at a North Central FL Wide Community Behavioral Healthcare Center.


“From this experience, it became evident to me how much a holistic approach is necessary to better serve this population. So, since 2014, I’ve been educating, networking, and exposing myself to help people win in every aspect of their life (aka The Wheel of Life). I gained experience in long-term care as a Care Coordinator with a Fortune 500 multi-national health solutions enterprise. During this time, I also earned my license as a life, health, and annuity agent along with expanding my wings to become a provider with APD (Agency for Persons with Disabilities) and Department of Education & Division of VR.

“So, I can’t say enough how passionate I am and how much I see this mission as an opportunity to really increase the youth’s & adults' interest in making a difference in their communities, improving their school performance & success rate, and regain their involvement even more in faith-based organizations. I’m talking about handing them practical skills, therapeutic/spiritual tools, and real resources. I’m believing for the organization to prepare youth & adults for today, tomorrow, and their entire life. MEGA! Right?!“

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